I suppose this warrants its own post. THE SHIRT was first though of a few months ago, at a session of the Ottawa Comic Jam. We were talking about the recent spate of “fake geek girl” memes and posts, and a couple of us were talking about making t-shirts with some funny comment about fake geek girls. It’d be snarky, of course, because we were all women talking about this idea.
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The other side: my first con experience from behind the table

I’m involved with the Ottawa Comic Jam; I’m a regular participant and one of the Facebook group admins. So, when Suzanne, our admin, needed someone to fill in for her at her booth at the Ottawa Maker Faire this past Sunday, I was able and available to take over for a day. The Faire was free, so I went on the Saturday to check out the exhibits and to see the location and setup. Having never “done” a booth before (unless you count being an elections official for a day), I was a little nervous about the whole thing. I’m introverted and apprehensive about showing my work; I’m nowhere near the level of artist several other Jammers are! But, Sue believed in me, so I figured I could give it a shot.
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You know you’re a packrat when…

I’m on vacation this week and last, and my office desperately needed cleaning. I finally decided to tackle the filing cabinet I keep in the closet. What glorious, wondrous treasures would I find? Let me tell you. High school poetry All the “art” I did for the past 15 years My marriage certificate (wedged in with the art for some reason) Paystubs going back 5-7 years Paystubs going back to 2004 and 2005… for two different jobs that are not my current one Income tax returns and info going back to 2004 Notices of rent increases for our old apartment Mortgage application, information, and contract (rendering the rent increases somewhat moot now) A photocopy of my high school diploma A whole bunch of important papers and then some I think what’s most mystifying is the fact that I have high school poetry… and I’m 35. I haven’t been to high school in forever. I have a bachelors’ degree, dammit! At least I’m filing everything?
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