Top Ten Experiences at Ottawa Comic Con 2014

So Ottawa Comic Con has come and gone, and it was pretty cool. This year, I got myself a half table and tried peddling my wares. It was a whole new experience. I got to experience the con one pedestrian at a time as they passed my table. I got to talk to a lot of people, sold a few things, and generally had fun. It was also very tiring, and I was thankful I could go home to my own bed and sleep. Here is my top ten list of awesome experiences I had: 10. Having my name in the program I’m allowed a little bit of ego on this. There’s a primal thrill of having you, or your stuff, listed in an official brochure. I have a copy as a souvenir, because I’m just that awesome. 9. Being interviewed by a blogger I was approached by a local blogger who writes about up and coming writers and artists in the Ottawa area. He was asking people what their favourite stories were, and why, and would put this information (and a profile of the writer/artist) on his blog. I ended up yammering out some answers about The Last Unicorn by Peter […]
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I suppose this warrants its own post. THE SHIRT was first though of a few months ago, at a session of the Ottawa Comic Jam. We were talking about the recent spate of “fake geek girl” memes and posts, and a couple of us were talking about making t-shirts with some funny comment about fake geek girls. It’d be snarky, of course, because we were all women talking about this idea.
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The other side: my first con experience from behind the table

I’m involved with the Ottawa Comic Jam; I’m a regular participant and one of the Facebook group admins. So, when Suzanne, our admin, needed someone to fill in for her at her booth at the Ottawa Maker Faire this past Sunday, I was able and available to take over for a day. The Faire was free, so I went on the Saturday to check out the exhibits and to see the location and setup. Having never “done” a booth before (unless you count being an elections official for a day), I was a little nervous about the whole thing. I’m introverted and apprehensive about showing my work; I’m nowhere near the level of artist several other Jammers are! But, Sue believed in me, so I figured I could give it a shot.
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