Top Ten Experiences at Ottawa Comic Con 2014

So Ottawa Comic Con has come and gone, and it was pretty cool. This year, I got myself a half table and tried peddling my wares. It was a whole new experience. I got to experience the con one pedestrian at a time as they passed my table. I got to talk to a lot of people, sold a few things, and generally had fun. It was also very tiring, and I was thankful I could go home to my own bed and sleep. Here is my top ten list of awesome experiences I had: 10. Having my name in the program I’m allowed a little bit of ego on this. There’s a primal thrill of having you, or your stuff, listed in an official brochure. I have a copy as a souvenir, because I’m just that awesome. 9. Being interviewed by a blogger I was approached by a local blogger who writes about up and coming writers and artists in the Ottawa area. He was asking people what their favourite stories were, and why, and would put this information (and a profile of the writer/artist) on his blog. I ended up yammering out some answers about The Last Unicorn by Peter […]
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The many fun levels of procrastination

I love reading how other people procrastinate. Sure, you can do the “I should be working, but I really want to read this book!” procrastinating. Or “… watch this show!” version. Or “… play this game!” version. But really? When you procrastinate with other useful things that need to be done, that’s a whole new version of special. You get the busywork version (“I could be doing some drawing… but no! The medicine cabinet has expired medication in it! I MUST CLEAN IT OUT!”). And you get the “everything has to be done” version (“I need to work on my website? But the laundry won’t fold itself…”). Mostly, I just find it hilarious how far people will go to not do That Thing They Should Be Doing, and will clean up their whole house in the process. Why yes, I have experienced every single one of these recently, why do you ask?
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My Scribblenauts Unlimited prize

So I managed to get Scribblenauts Unlimited in a “finished” state, ie I got 60 starites and rescued Lily. I watched the credits, and my reward was the ability to play as Lily. Nice to see playing as (one) female is a reward for finishing a game! One other note: I created a bikini and put it on Maxwell. You can’t see much (the top goes right under the chin, making it look like he’s got weird growths on his chin), but more importantly, the game whistled at me for doing this.
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