My Scribblenauts Unlimited prize

So I managed to get Scribblenauts Unlimited in a “finished” state, ie I got 60 starites and rescued Lily. I watched the credits, and my reward was the ability to play as Lily. Nice to see playing as (one) female is a reward for finishing a game! One other note: I created a bikini and put it on Maxwell. You can’t see much (the top goes right under the chin, making it look like he’s got weird growths on his chin), but more importantly, the game whistled at me for doing this.
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Why does Scribblenauts Unlimited suffer from Women in Refrigerators?

I had picked up Scribblenauts Unlimited from the recent Steam Summer Sale, because the original game was fun, and hey, five bucks. It’s a very cute bright cartoony puzzle-solver game. If you’re unfamiliar with it: the object is to help people by creating or modifying things that will solve their problems. For example, a doctor in a hospital will need new medical equipment. One solution: create a “scalpel.” Bingo! Problem solved. Or, if you want, create a “polkadotted defibrillator.” That’ll work too. So anyway, Scribblenauts Unlimited starts with this little opening movie narrated by a woman about this man and woman who were adventurers, and they got together and had 42 kids (just go with it; they probably made them the same way you make purple robot flying imams. Yes, you can do that.). So two of the kids, Maxwell (the protagonist of the first game) and Lily (the narrator of the movie, as it turns out), are sent out into the world to adventure on their own. Shortly in, Maxwell ticks off this guy who curses Lily (um, ok, she didn’t do anything to the guy), and Lily starts slowly turning to stone. Maxwell resolves to go around helping […]
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