The many fun levels of procrastination

I love reading how other people procrastinate. Sure, you can do the “I should be working, but I really want to read this book!” procrastinating. Or “… watch this show!” version. Or “… play this game!” version. But really? When you procrastinate with other useful things that need to be done, that’s a whole new version of special. You get the busywork version (“I could be doing some drawing… but no! The medicine cabinet has expired medication in it! I MUST CLEAN IT OUT!”). And you get the “everything has to be done” version (“I need to work on my website? But the laundry won’t fold itself…”). Mostly, I just find it hilarious how far people will go to not do That Thing They Should Be Doing, and will clean up their whole house in the process. Why yes, I have experienced every single one of these recently, why do you ask?
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